Bissel Dingson Backstory

The Kingson family had climbed the social ladder of dwarven society by pushing forward new innovations in runesmithing. While unproven, it has been rumored that their excessive toil and time spent with volatile magic affected their ability to procreate, constraining them to bearing only one child named Bissel.

The Kingsons had set up a private school to teach their family secrets of runesmithing, attended only by their most favoured nephews. Expected to follow in his parent’s footsteps, Bissel was sent here as well. It was quickly revealed that Bissel did not inherit his parent’s intelligence, as he was unable to complete even the most basic steps of the craft. To make matters worse, his beard was slow to grow compared to his cousins. His cousins took the opportunity to boost their own egos by subtly undermining the lauded heir of family Kingson – feeding him erroneous ideas for projects, excluding him from work groups, and highlighting his fumbles to the runemasters. Bissel could not counter with wit nor talent.

The worst of the scheming cousins was Lawel, born on the same day as Bissel and deeply resentful of his direct lineage to the Kingsons. One day, the mentoring runemasters were pulled away by an emergency troll-sighting. Bissel was tasked to craft work tables for his cousins while they advanced their attempts to wield the winds of magic. Failing to craft even a basic work table, Lawel commented, “Is this the heir of Kingson? He so incompetent, more like a Dingson!” The nickname proliferated among the beardlings. Tired of the ongoing harassment, Bissel was swallowed by rage. He ripped off a disproportionately thick table leg that he was working on and swung at his peers. The splintery table leg caught onto something unexpected and a ripping sound rang across the classroom, waking Bissel from his rage. Bissel had caught the leg onto Lawel’s beard and ripped off a sizeable chunk. Deeply humilitated, Lawel fled the room with the other cousins, declaring that grudges will be written. Proud of his victory, Bissel mustered all his available cleverness and shouted after them “Who is the Dingson now!?” Bissel learned something valuable that day – Cleverness may win you admirers, but blunt revenge is true satisfaction.

The incident was reported to Bissel’s parents and they reprimanded him for his severe transgression. His father even said to him “Are you even of my blood? Are you even a Kingson?” Feeling abandoned and betrayed by his own parents, Bissel responded “No, I am not a Kingson. Not anymore. From now on, I am a Dingson.”

Estranged from his family, he set forth as Bissil Dingson, seeker of validation for who he is, not who he is supposed to be. Rumour has it that the Kingson runesmithery was passed down to Lawel as compensation for the damage caused.

Additional Notes about Bissel’s character:

• His first job with Halion and Rigor was his first experience of friendship and it made his heart grow two sizes (or as he explains it, “it grows one size for each friend”).

• Bissel has recently learned about the concept of “social construction.” He is attempting to improve his intelligence by acting as a “social deconstructionist,” using items in unintended ways and attempting to invent new social norms (example: cross-dressing at a costume party). Unfortunately they aren’t often as successful as he would like.

Bissel Dingson Backstory

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