Warhammer - The Depths of Corruption

The Restless Dead - Chapter 3

A heretic is uncovered, and a battle is fought

Summary of Events

  • Zombie attacks, Bissil and Priestess quell her spirit and put her to rest
  • Other mysterious murders exhumed – found to be zombies and laid to rest
  • Next day, confirmation that the spirit does not reappear
  • Valanduil and Halion track body through sewer to near her place of work
  • Halion detects Necromatic magic leading to the sewers from a nearby shopkeeper
  • Rigor interrogates the nearby businessman, finds a suspicious one
  • Valanduil breaks into the basement, finds unresponsive zombies.
  • Shopkeeper flees into his basement. Pursued by party
  • Zombies inside of emerge from basement. Party flees basement
  • Valanduil sneaks back around to other side. Sneaks open door. Sneakily shoots necromancer.
  • Cake is had.


Erathia Erathia

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