Warhammer - The Depths of Corruption

Noblesse Oblige - Chapter Two

Interrogating all of the NPCs!

Summary of Events

  • Inspection of Erasmus’s body reveals he appears to have been poisoned from close range. Other priests did not know what happened
  • Jakob Creutzfeld believes it must have been Beastmen, and wants conference to continue
  • Friederich Creutzfeld blames the Durrenbach, insinuates that he had an affair with Brigita
  • Grethe Rozenow claims to have seen nothing, was hiding with the troops
  • Arena Stretstorpe was coordinating the defense, can’t see Everd
  • Brigita Durrenbach believes that Friederich was responsible. Denies affair.
  • Ruprecht Durrenbach accuses his sister of orchestrating events
  • Darathee Durrenbach revales she is engaged to Jakob, but was not near the attack
  • Everd Setzingen asks for a bribe to reveal more information
  • Only lead presented was Arena and Erasmus had a history of bad blood


Erathia Erathia

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