Warhammer - The Depths of Corruption

The Restless Dead - Chapter 1

A merry day of shopping is interrupted by a grim spectre

With the injuries suffered by Valanduil tended to by time, he was on hand for the return of Bissil Dingson, and Halion Balfour, as well as to meet Rigor Klaus with whom their paths had never crossed despite their mutual association with Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg. The rescue of the town of Schlagenhugel had preceded the trio’s return to Ubersreik, and the group once again found themselves the talk of the town. They celebrated the way that they knew best: shopping in the mercantile quarter of the city.

Their purses were reasonably heavy as Lord Aschaffenberg had been appropriately generous with their success, but Valanduil had his eyes set on a much higher prize: a Hochland Long Rifle. An expensive piece of equipment to be sure, but with Rigor’s silver tongue, and the exceptional successes of Halion and Bissil backing him up, Lord Aschaffenberg was convinced to finance the weapon for the adventurer, and with great ceremony located, purchased and presented it to the Wood Elf – while also making sure to highlight his own profile in doing so of course.

Their escapades were put on hold together as the murmurings of the crowd gave way to screams. Off in the distance, a pale shape moved through the crowds, whining and moaning as it came. A spectre of a dead woman, hair streaming through the wind, came down the concourse and people scattered in nits wake. Naturally, Lord Aschaffenberg moved to calm the people, and his adventurers came with him. Confronted by the horrifying sight, Bissil and Valanduil both staggered and could not confront it, but Halion and Rigor stood their ground. All though drew close enough to the ghost to see a vision of death – a young woman, suddenly and brutally killed in an alley by an unseen assailant. As Halion asked if the spirit was that woman, it let out one last howl, and vanished.

Lord Aschaffenberg wasted no time in calming the populace that by the right of Sigmar he would see this shade cleansed. He, taking the form of his four trusted servants naturally. The group wasted little time in trying to track down the source of their vision, through a mixture of interrogation of where the spirit came from and investigation of the city, they located the alley that matched their vision, and where the ghost was said to have come from. There was no sign of any recent violence there, and as it had last rained two nights ago, it seemed unlikely that the death had occurred any time recently.


Erathia Erathia

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