The Age of Myth has faded, and the Age of Chaos has come.

It is a dark time. Far to the north, the gate of chaos has opened once more. Archaon, Lord of End Times, rallies his forces to make what may be the last war on the kingdoms of the mortal realms. Beasts ravage the countryside without mercy, slaying all that they can find. Mutation and Insanity are rife, and corrupt the most stalwart of souls to serve the twisted desires of the laughing Gods. The civilized kingdoms of the world are beset by Greenskins who would see their cities torn down. Ancient Kingdoms, both living and dead, have awoken and have set their sights on reclaiming the surface world, and wiping away those who are not like them.

Heroes are needed, heroes who will beat back the darkness, heroes the like of which who have better things to do than to save inbred, misbegotten peasants like these.

So, you lot will have to do. May the lords of ruination spare your souls…

Warhammer - The Depths of Corruption

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