The Secret Origin of Halion Balfour

Originally from the magical Kingdom of Saphery, Island of Ulthuan, Halion Balfour (born Halion El’Doreil) was born to a High Elf Navy Commander close to a century ago. In The Last Coming of Chaos, the El’Doreil family led the navy of Ulthuan, which was swept from the sea by the Forces from Chaos. This tragedy caused great shame and loss for the El’Doreil family, who counted the deaths of the family patriarch – the famed Pietor the Seafarer – and several other key family members during battle at sea.

Although the Forces of Chaos eventually faced defeat, the El’Doreil family became fiercely protective of the waters surrounding Ulthuan, enacting laws to declare grounds to destroy any unannounced vessel in the navy’s territory. Like most young High Elves, Halion was first trained as an archer. Though she proved to be adept, she began training as an army medic using the healing arts of the Light Order of Magic. During a routine navy patrol in the Bay of Tears, the High Elf Navy encountered an armed Druchii battleship at the edge of the territory and attacked, leaving the doomed battleship to sink. However, the Dark Elves aboard had also captured a human merchant ship and the human slaves were left to drown under High Elf law.

Halion was faced with the decision to heal the humans and be branded a traitor to High Elves or leave them to be drowned as intruders. She chose to heal the wounded humans after they pled for mercy. The humans then took back their ship, The Balfour, and fled with Halion. With her navy experience, she served on The Balfour for nine months under Captain Henri Hart, taking the ship’s name as her own.

However, Hysh called her back to the land and she left the ship to fulfill her destiny. Upon parting, the Captain promised that he would one day repay the debt owed. Halion resumed her magical training for several months under an Azyr mage in the Skaag Hills. The mage experienced an intense vision and urged Halion to travel to Ubersreik. Under these circumstances, Halion does not act as an ambassador as other High Elves do in the Empire. She does not feel that she belongs with the High Elves or with the humans, preferring to remain on her own or with other likeminded adventurers. Although she is battle proficient, she views violence as necessary only for self-preservation.

The Secret Origin of Halion Balfour

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