Korden's Hammer

Ancestral hammer from Korden Kurgansson

weapon (melee)


  • Type: Hand Weapon
  • DR: 5
  • CR: 3
  • Encumbrance: 4
  • Quality: Superior – Add one white die to all attacks made with this hammer.


  • When attacking daemons with this hammer, gain + 2 damage for every fortune point spent in the attack.

  • Bio:

    A weapon originally owned by Korden Kurgansson, after his battles with the Order of the Unblinking Eye he fell into madness, and the hammer was hidden at his request.

    It was originally claimed by Content Not Found: bissel-dingson, who then recognised that it had a purpose beyond slaying Beastman, and gave it to Halion Balfour. She then used it to defeat and banish the daemon summoned by the Cult of the Unblinking Eye.

    Korden's Hammer

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