Sister Sonja

Blind Priestess of Sigmar. She doesn't see race!


A Priestess of Sigmar, her sight was taken on the battlefield long ago, and she now serves at Grunewald Lodge out of gratitude from Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg .

Though she nominally lives and holds services in her small chapel, she volunteered her services as a healer during the Beastmen attack on the lodge. She paid special care to Korden Kurgansson, and agreed to hide his family hammer until another dwarf could accept the responsibility.

While trying to defend her charges, she was attacked and grievously wounded by Stefan Sieger, who was in service to the Order of the Unblinking Eye. Only a lucky intervention by Halion Bellefour in the form of a crossbow bolt to her attacker and then emergency first aid saved her life.

She has since recuperated from her injuries and resumed service at the temple.


Sister Sonja

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