Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg

The Lord of Grunewald Lodge with an unpronounceable name.


The Lord of Grunewald Lodge, he was the one responsible for sending Vern Hendrick into the city of Ubersreik to find people capable of investigating his staff for dereliction of duty.

Despite initial suspicions on the part of the Adventurers, he accompanied Halion Bellefour and Rigor Klaus into the underpassages of his manor, and assisted them in confronting the daemon that had been summoned. In the aftermath he extended them an offer to hunt down the only member of his staff unaccounted for – suspecting him to be a fellow heretic – as well as a job offer to continue investigating the secrets of his family.

His second outing had the adventurers investigate his sister-in-law, the lady Irina vonBrüner as that family line had proved suspicious. The nobelwoman was indeed responsible for the death of her husband Heindel vonBrüner, and would also have sacrificed her daughters Greta and Sonia if not for the intervention of the party. Lord Aschaffenberg later adopted his two nieces into his own family.

Since the outing of the cult, he has positioned himself as a deeply pious man intent on discovering and excising heresy from the Empire, a position he hopes to levy into the Marshal of Ubersreik. He attended a ball by Baron Manfred vonHolzenauer where he was slipped an ermetic and embarrassed himself, but recovered thanks to the aid of Halion.

He is currently viewed as the leading candidate for Marshal.

Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg

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