Korden Kurgansson

Dwarven Blacksmith with Hidden Relics and Lost Sanity


A dwarven blacksmith serving at Grunewald Lodge, like all dwarves his skill was the envy of human craftsmen throughout the Empire, but he seemed content to serve at Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg’s estate.

During a Beastman attack he defended the Lodge, but was later found by Sister Sonja wandering the grounds having taken leave of his senses. He had failed to recover by the time that the cultists present made their attempt, but he did manage to pass on the secret of his rune-blessed hammer to Bissil Dingson.

Following the defense, Kurgansson survived but was still crazy. Sister Sonja suggested investigating his hammer or visiting a nearby Dwarf Hold to see if there was a way to recover his mind.


Korden Kurgansson

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