Irina vonBrüner

The lady of Geissbach, willing to sacrifice everything for power


The lady of Geissbach Manor, the adventurers were sent to investigate her following the revelations of the heresy at Grunewald Lodge, as a more general inquiry of Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg’s family. Unfortunately, they met her just after a Greenskin raid had devastated her holds, and she demanded they set off in search of the group immediately.

She conscripted Bissil Dingson and Halion Bellefour for this search, and was extremely impatient to get going. During the hunt she was dogged to the point of single-mindedness, and when the treasure was recovered she only selected a single locket for herself and dismissively told everyone else to return to the manor at once without delay.

Her motivations were exposed upon their return by Valanduil, for she planned to sacrifice her two daughters, as she had her husband, for power. Said power was unleashed on Valanduil in the form of Warp sorcery nearly slaying the Elf on the spot. Though injured by both Valanduil and Halion’s counterattack, her death was due to the power she had so craved, as her magics backfired on her, and slew her on the spot.


Irina vonBrüner

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