Christoph Engel

Grey Wizard of Ulgu. Impatient, easily amused, and not great in polite company


A Grey Wizard of Ulgu, Engle is – apparently – an elderly man and one of the most senior members of the College of Magic in the city of Ubersreik. He attended the party by Baron Manfred vonHolzenauer with reluctance and ill grace.

He seemed reasonably well-disposed to Halion Bellefour, recognising in her a fellow mage and expounding on the tediousness of politics and how wizards constantly had to attend such functions rather than be left alone to their own pursuits. Before he could be persuaded to support Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg as Marshall, their conversation was interrupted by the poisoning of Lord Aschaffenberg, and Halion left to cure her patron.

He later animated a fur stole to make it appear alive and laughed at the panic this caused among the nobility. After Valanduil “killed” the creature, he resumed his drinking and spent the rest of the evening in peace.


Christoph Engel

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