Carmella Ostwald

The captain of the vonBrüner guard, now serving Lord Aschaffenberg


The captain of Geissbach Manor’s guard, she was skilled enough to avoid serious injury in the battle with the Orcs, and observant enough to even detect Valanduil as he crept around the manor. She seemed loyal to Irina vonBrüner to the point where her motivations were suspicious enough that she could not be taken into confidence.

Ultimately when her master’s behaviour was revealed, she was horrified at her actions, and repented. Thanks to her skill, she has now entered the employ of Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg.

She has since served as a Retainer to the party, and accompanied the party to Schlagenhugel, where she assisted with the investigation and subsequent fight against the Dark Elves who were attempting to perform a blasphemous ritual there.


Carmella Ostwald

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