Warhammer - The Depths of Corruption

Noblesse Oblige - Chapter Three

The difference between truth and justice...

Summary of Events

  • Arena confesses that Erasmus was blackmailing her, but denies killing him. She is dismissed from service
  • Search of the cart reveals a set of poison. Jakob says that Grethe was an assassin sent to protect him. She denies using poison, and puts herself to sleep as proof
  • Friedrich and Ruprecht get into a brawl, Ruprecht is outed as conspiring against his sister. Banished from hosuehold
  • Valanduil steals from coaches, uses it to bribe Everd into confessing that Darathee was previously suspected of poisoning her husband.
  • Darathee confesses to crime, says she was also being blackmailed
  • Brigita offers substantial bribe to pin blame for crime on Everd.
  • Party refuses to take bribe, but allows Darathee to go
  • Aschaffenberg very upset at confession.


Erathia Erathia

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