Warhammer - The Depths of Corruption

It was as good a day as any in the town of Ubersreik, which is why to avoid the rain and smell down by the docks three unsuspecting souls gathered in the Red Moon Inn to answer an advertisement for helping a local Noble move house. Bissil Dingson, a Dwarvish Mercenary was the first to arrive whereupon he promptly forgot himself and began spending his family money on pint after pint to forget his troubles. Rigor Klaus was next, whereupon he promptly espied a modest tavern filled with modestly intoxicated beings who might be willing to pay for his evening’s libation by purchasing some of his cheap, possibly effective charms. Halion Balfour was the last, whereupon she failed to see anyone remotely approachable and resolved to stick to the shadows until someone found Herr Henderson to inquire about the job.

It was shortly thereafter that Dingson’s prodigious drinking and seemingly endless purse brought the attention of a pair of dockhands, who expertly embodied the drunk and disorderly stereotype. Wishing to avoid a barfight which could depress his sales, Rigor managed to talk down one of the drunks into sharing a drink with him, but the other required Bissil to remind the human of his Dwarfish temperment and strength. Seemingly cowed, the drunk quit the bar, but not before deftly helping himself to some coins from Bissil’s purse, which passed by the Dwarf’s gaze, but not Halion’s lingering by the door. With a warning from the Elf, a standoff ensued between the trio until the man threw a fistful of silver in Bissil’s face and ran out of the bar. Realising that not all of his purse ahd been pursued, the Dwarf and Elf gave pursuit out of righteous fury and amused curiosity, while Rigor persuaded the man’s companion that this really was not either of their issue.

Halion seemed reluctant to be the first one to arrive, and so she tarried until the Dwarf’s muscular legs overpowered the human and bore him down. Demanding the return of his purse and the clothes of the man as recompense, he eventually forced the man to disrobe – and revealed the hideous mutations underneath. With nothing left to lose, he attacked the pair but was handily dispatched by the two. The Ubersreik Watch soon arrived to cremate the man, and take statements from those in the bar. The trio were saved from inconvenient questions by Herr Hendrick who had placed the ad to which they were all nominally answering, who vouched for their honesty in the name of his master the Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg.

Herr Hendrick explained that the ad was not entirely honest as the Lord suspected that his staff were up to unspecified actions that might negatively impact his standing, and he was seeking some unconnected parties to investigate and discover what the remaining staff were up to. They would indeed be granted the pay as indicated, as well as a bonus among completion should the matter be resolved discretely. He paid one day’s wages up front and gave the three directives to meet him at the City Gates the following morning to depart. Halion and Rigor made to buy some more supplies for such an operation, which in an un-Dwarf like move Bissil was happy to lend them money for since they were now comrades in arms.

The journey to the Manor went well, though Halion noticed that Herr Hendrick was trying to hide signs of a recent injury to his arm. The man confessed that the manor had recently seen an increase in Beastman sightings, and that they had earlier attacked the manor resulting in some injuries to the staff on hand. Despite the apparent ferocity of the attack, the Steward noted with disdain that many members of the serving staff seemed almost uncaring to the invasion despite their certain death should the unholy creatures breach the walls. Grumbling that he had waited until halfway through the journey to reveal this information, the group decided not to insist he return to Ubersreik and instead all surreptitiously checked their weapons as Grunewald Lodge came into view, an aging but fine example of an estate befitting a human noble.

Halion immediately, and loudly, wondered why it was such a dump.


Erathia Erathia

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