Warhammer - The Depths of Corruption

A Family Affair - Chapter 1

An introduction to the village of Geissbach, and its environs

The horrific events of the daemonic incursion of Grunewald Lodge took weeks to truly settle for Halion Bellefleur and Bissil Dingson, both in the spiritual terms of having to confront the Chaos horrors from beyond and the much more physical threat of the raw amount of physical injury they had suffered during the attack of the Cult of the Unblinking Eye. Rigor Klaus, who had escaped any serious harm during the fight, took Lord Aschaffenberg up on an offer to retrain himself as one of the Roadwardens of the Empire; a prestigious position that meant he would be away for a few months accepting the weight of this responsibility.

As a result he was not there when his friends had healed, and Lord Aschaffenberg presented them with the next mission he had investigating his family. Most of the staff implicated as being part of the cult had some tenuous association with the vonBrüner family, who were his in-laws. He would like them to head to the village of Geissbach and check on his sister-in-law Irina vonBrüner. Her husband had recently passed away, and this would prove an excellent cover to check in on household matters and ensure the estate was up to order. For this mission they would be again posing as servants, though higher position ones. Again Herr Hendrick would be accompanying the, as well as a new ally in the Wood Elf Valanduil, who seemed best suited to this role of espionage.

The village of Geissbach was a day’s travel from the Lodge, and the group arrived in the late afternoon light to begin a preliminary investigation. They decided to explore the village first rather than the manor, in order to gain some preliminary information on how Irina was viewed, and any pertinent gossip that could be found. Bissil gleefully discovered that the town possessed a small but reputable Dwarven brewery, and promptly lost himself in a drunken haze. Halion conducted some inquiries at the Temple of Morr concerning the dead husband Heindel vonBrüner, who had been found drowned in his manor’s reflecting pool some months previously. Valanduil decided to warm up his particular skillset by visiting the local market stalls, and stealing a rather fine healing draught that caught his eye before the group returned to the Inn to discuss their investigations.

Halion had found that she had been unable to secure permission to visit Heindel vonBrüner’s grave, as the Priest of Morr saw no need to risk disturbing the dead. Valanduil naturally decided to simply break in, and left to the Garden of Morr to force open the vonBrüner sarcophagus. Though he was easily able to open the door to the tomb, and detect the simple trap to alert the Priests to any disturbance from the dead, he nonetheless was forced to hide from a random patrol by one of the Priests, who drove him to briefly consider a violent solution if he were found out. Fortunately he was not – at that time. Unfortunately, even though he had escaped detection, all his planning fell apart when he found that he was unable to shift the heavy stone sarcophagus that held the corpse of the Lord of Geissbach, and he was forced to consider returning to the Inn.

Back at said Inn, Halion found herself unable to cure the power of a Dwarven hangover, when sounds of panic and terror began to drift in from the window. Sneaking her way to the edge, she was unable to find the source of the disturbance when a great crash and scream from below interrupted her thoughts. Bissil immediately sprang into action, throwing himself down the stairs to find a wild, half-crazed boar in the common area. It had just savaged the Innkeeper, and was preparing to finish her off when the Dwarf threw himself at the creature, and with ranged support from Halion managed to slay it. Halion remained behind to tend to the Innkeeper, as Bissil rushed off after Valanduil to make sure he was safe.

At the mausoleum, Valanduil found that a heavy stone structure was the perfect place to be at the moment as a large wolf had patrolled the grounds, and despite clearly catching the Elf’s scent, was unable to gain entry to the tomb. Sadly the patrolling Priest of Morr was less lucky, and the creature bounded off to attack and tear at the unlucky man. When Bissil arrived to assist, Valanduil asked him for help shifting the stone sarcophagus… just as the wolf returned having finished one meal, hoping to claim another. Fortunately it had just been proven that a beast was no match for a Dwarf/Elf combo, and despite some more injuries to Bissil was put down easily enough. The Dwarf’s strength was more than sufficient to shift the coffin, but the body of Lord vonBrüner yielded no clues to either of them as to if the cause of his death was more sinister. For that they needed the third member of their group, who was still busy treating wounds back in town.

They headed back to the Inn to retrieve her, and just as they arrived the militia from Geissbach Manor arrived to help put down the rest of the beasts, their natural savagery being no match for the pistols and fine greatswords of the Empire. As the last of the creatures were mopped up, a great cry went up from the townsfolk as up on the hill, Geissbach Manor now burned – and most of its defenders were a good twenty-minute ride away. Frantically the soldiers made their way back to their absent post, when – with the city on high alert and their nerves exhausted – the three adventurers decided to return to the Inn and rest for the night.

They would have enough to deal with the next day…


Erathia Erathia

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